Bum Bum Lyrics by Yemi Alade
March 13, 2018

Bum Bum Lyrics by Yemi Alade [Intro] Ewo, Ewo One for the party Two for the, two for the money Three for the, three for the honey Four for the, four when you shake your bum bum bum bum [Hook/Chorus] See, … Continue reading

Effortless Lyrics by Wale

Effortless Lyrics by Wale [Intro] Effortlessly so stunning Baby, can we create something? Don’t leave me wondering… ’cause [Hook/Chorus] Effortless, girl, the way you grow So effortless, baby, that’s why I love you You got me shook up, shook up, shook … Continue reading

Colors Lyrics by Jason Derulo

Colors Lyrics by Jason Derulo [Verse 1] Oh, what a feeling Look what we’ve overcome Oh, I’m gonna wave-a-wave my flag And count all the reasons We are the champions There ain’t no turning, turning back [Pre-Hook/Chorus] Saying “Oh, can’t you … Continue reading

Sh-to Lyrics by Shatta Wale

Sh-to Lyrics by Shatta Wale [Intro] Sometime edey funny me yeeh Edey funny me yeeh [Verse 1] Everyday you say you be clean heart you be righteous Dem say dem be better than me but abi virus What dem go do … Continue reading

It’s Complicated Lyrics by Wale

It’s Complicated Lyrics by Wale [Intro] Aye Don’t ask me about my love life (Hol’ up!) [Verse 1] It’s complicated to find a lady in my generation That’s not preoccupied with social clout We almost fazing out from the high we … Continue reading

To The Moon Lyrics by Kyle
March 6, 2018

To The Moon Lyrics by Kyle [Intro] “Pshhh” Oh wow This view is crazy Ooh [Verse] Ooh this is my s–t, ay Ooh this is my s–t, ay That’s what all the girlies tell me when they play my hits, ay … Continue reading