Tapper EMTEE says he is back and sober and free from all narcotic influences after he fell while performing on stage a few weeks ago.

On his fall while performing on stage, he had tweeted: “I just fell on stage. I’m not on drugs, I don’t have health issues either. I got backup and carried on performing

His fall elicited widespread concern, with many asking him to seek him without delay. And he apparently did so.

In a series of tweets, the rapper said he was sober now, and asked his supporters not to stop supporting him.

I don’t do no drugs. Sober as a judge.

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The rapper, who had admitted taking cannabis but not alcohol, also tweeted: “I’m now sober from ALL Narcotics. I don’t drink alcohol and I’m greaful for all my supporters. I’m back.”

To deflect attention from the bad press elicited by his fall, his record label Ambitiouz Entertainment released a video titled “Thank you,” which has grasped the public’s attention, giving the rapper space to focus on his music once more.

It is not in doubt that EMTEE has learned from his fall, and it will not repeat itself. Or what do you think? Join the conversation in the comment section.